Free of Insomnia, Full of Happiness

By Nattalia, New York

I am very grateful to Bodhi Meditation because it taught me the beauty of letting go and forgiving.

It is dawn. I open my eyes to look at the alarm clock. It is slightly past five o’clock. I am filled with a great sense of joy. Every morning when I wake up to see the hour hand pointing at five, my heart is filled with immense gratitude.

Young and Depressed

I was only 36 years old but I seemed to be trapped in a painful whirlpool, unable to escape. I was depressed, fidgety, full of sorrow, and suffering from insomnia. Today, my depressed self is a part of my past. Since being introduced to Bodhi Meditation, I am living a life of optimism, good health and happiness.

Prior to coming to Bodhi Meditation, personal challenges prompted insomnia for more than a year. Every night, I would go to bed at 10 and wake up at three, spending the rest of the night sleepless. I went to work feeling exhausted and listless. I visited a psychologist weekly, but there was little improvement in my condition and exhaustion soon turned to despair. I felt trapped.

Insomnia was not my only problem. I grew up witnessing family strife. A major childhood trauma was my father’s abandonment; he never helped my mother. I hated him. Years later, a business venture led to me being cheated of $150,000 USD. I hated all the people who had ever hurt me. I felt that life was full of heartbreak and contained very few happy moments. I was always despondent and downcast. My heart was filled with hatred and vengeance. At my lowest point, I cut my arms with a penknife. I was later diagnosed as suffering from depression.

Life-Changing Coincidence

In an attempt at happiness, I kept myself occupied with activities: working, socializing, exercising, dancing, and travelling. However, I realized that any happiness generated by these pursuits was only temporary. When I returned home from a workout or a trip, I found myself back in a miserable reality, a life without vitality.

On March 3, 2016, I walked past Bodhi Meditation Center. The slogan “Bodhi Meditation Brings You Health and Happiness” caught my eye. Wasn’t health and happiness what I had been looking for? Without hesitation, I stepped inside and registered for the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat held two days later.

Happiness Discovered

During the third day of class, my eyes constantly teared up. The following day, when doing The Meditation of Greater Illumination, I could feel my body and mind light up; I felt peaceful. That night I slept soundly from 10 till five. I woke up to a light breeze mixed with a sweet fragrance. The experience was beautiful. Since then, my quality of sleep has miraculously improved. I get seven hours of undisturbed slumber nightly.

On the fifth day of the retreat my heart was filled with soothing bliss. When I got home I took out the photos of all the people I hated and pasted them on a wall. I started to recall the happy times we’d once shared. In those moments, I realized I had completely forgiven them. My previously burdened and knotted heart opened, releasing pent-up hatred. I am very grateful to Bodhi Meditation because it taught me the beauty of letting go and forgiving. I’ve also learned to be compassionate and strong.

Upon completion of the class, I continued to practice daily. Now, when time permits, I practice The Meditation of Greater Illumination and The Meditation of Purity twice in a day.

Bodhi Meditation led me to discover that it is not difficult to be happy. We need to open up our heart to let our body and soul receive the blessing that comes with The Meditation of Greater Illumination. With this blessing, we embrace happiness and move toward a bright future.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.