– Lin Sang

I work in a pharmacy.  Years of counting pills and computer use made my right shoulder extremely painful.  Even using chopsticks was a challenge.  I used physical therapy and acupuncture for 7 years straight to manage my pain but the results weren’t ideal.In May 2014, I found in a grocery shop a copy of Health & Meditation magazine, which had many testimonials of people who’d benefitted body and mind from Bodhi Meditation.  So, I went to the Bodhi Meditation San Francisco Center hopefully.  When I first started Energy Bagua, my right shoulder was in excruciating pain, but I persisted.  At the end of the first day of Energy Bagua, my shoulder was less painful.  Incredibly, after only 5 to 6 Energy Bagua walking sessions, the pain in my shoulder reduced by 60%.  I fell in love with Bodhi Meditation and Energy Bagua Walking.  My confidence increased exponentially and despite my busy life, I continue to practice Energy Bagua once a week for an hour.  Cell phones need daily charge and my body, after daily stress, needs to recharge too.  No more physical therapy and acupuncture.  My shoulder feels painless and relaxed.  I treasure every Energy Bagua walking session because my shoulder pain of many years’ standing has disappeared!  It also fills me with energy to welcome each new day healthy and happy!

– Jing Hong Li
My name is Jing Hong Li.  I travelled from Sydney, Australia to Bodhi Meditation Bailian (Milpitas) Center to attend the Energy Bagua walking meditation class that started February 11, 2017.  My insomnia, which started in university, has become so severe in the last decade that I barely sleep.  I’ve built up a tolerance to sleeping aids and even 7 tranquilizer pills can’t put me to sleep anymore. So, it’s just a long haul of endless sleep deprivation.  I’ve tried daily acupuncture for a year, weekly massage therapy for 5 years, and daily herbal medicine for a few years.  I do two hour daily walks, practice qigong, and tai chi, and swim regularly, but nothing has helped.  Day after day, I remain sleepless.  Because of long-term sleep deprivation, my chest has a dull ache, my eyes are dry, and I have severe migraines, suffer from extreme fatigue, and have horrible moods.  My life felt colorless and lifeless.  Though my organ function was fine, I felt sure I’d die of sleep deprivation one day. After years of my younger sister’s insistence, I finally booked a ticket to fly from Australia to the Bay Area to take an Energy Bagua class.  On the third day, I was surprised to sleep for three whole hours!  It increased day by day so that at the end of the 7 day class, I was sleeping 6 hours!  I immediately took the 8.5-Day Bodhi Meditation Health & Happiness Retreat, which started on February 18th.  At the end of the class, I was sleeping 8 hours nightly.  I was an internal medicine doctor in China and had always thought hard, to no avail, on what the right therapy would be for my insomnia.  It was beyond my wildest imagination that Bodhi Meditation has helped my insomnia so much, in such a short period of time.  The book Huangdi’s Canon of Medicine mentions “positive energy is kept in reservoir and should not be used up.”  I realized that energy deprivation in my body caused my severe insomnia.  The practice of Energy Bagua and the Meditation of Greater Illumination helped me recover from a life-long illness that has troubled me since university. I’m so grateful to Meditation Grandmaster JinBodhi’s lectures and blessing and thankful to the instructors for passing on Grandmaster JinBodhi’s energy and blessing.  I also want to thank all of my fellow meditators at the meditation center for their heart-felt welcome and care!

-Lin Xiang

Since childhood, gastric ulcers have played havoc in my family. By the time my father was middle aged, he had cut out his stomach to prevent the ulcers from worsening to stomach cancer. Since youth, I’ve always been very careful to put everything on hold to eat regularly and on time.
I spontaneously fasted at my first Bodhi Meditation Health and Happiness Retreat and in subsequent retreats, a few more times, lasting from 3 days to 13 days. The fourth time, I suddenly realized that my stomach no longer reacted adversely to hunger and intake of icy drinks. Even when I don’t eat  the whole day, I’m very energetic and happy. Previously, I tried new drugs, but the side-effects were too extreme.  Yet, in the 4 months from May 2015, when I came to Bodhi Meditation, to September 2015, all my stomach issues disappeared.  An added bonus was that between the Energy Bagua – walking meditation and spontaneous fasting, I lost approximately 10 pounds in a very short period of time but my health didn’t suffer and I had extremely high energy during that period, averaging 12-14 hours of work daily.
I work for a Fortune 100 financial services firm as a senior manager. I have a great deal of work stress.  In the past, being needed felt good, but when I felt urgently needed on a daily basis, I started feeling stressed out and annoyed. Now, my mental state has transformed.  I’ve realized that the earth is still going to keep spinning without me.  So, it’s all about maintaining my internal equilibrium.  I can only expect my job to get busier, but once I’ve gained perspective and a certain degree of transcendence, I’m able to prioritize and let the not so important stuff go.  I’m able to view situations from a detached and objective point of view and manage the situation in a relaxed and straight-forward manner.

-Lin Qiu
I’m Lin Qiu, a manager at a biotechnology pharmaceutical company.  With promotions and increased work stress, I started feeling overworked and fatigued.  Meanwhile, my shoulder and back seized up and my arms were in constant pain.  I had to give up golf, swimming, and all sports.  Despite seeing western medical doctors, acupuncturists and physical therapists, my health issues persisted and I felt emotionally down.  After all these years of hustling, I have more money and a bigger house, but why is my quality of life worsening?  Where was my joyful life? In July 2015, at a friend’s recommendation, I attended a Bodhi Meditation Energy Bagua walking meditation class.  After 4-5 months of consistent practice, my back became less frozen and less painful.  After 10 months, my arm pain disappeared completely.  More importantly, through meditating, listening to Meditation Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings, and attending Bodhi Meditation Health & Happiness Retreats and Chanting Retreats, my body, mind, and spirit have been refreshed by immense energy.  I’m ready to confidently face new challenges at work.  I’m more at peace and often remind myself to be compassionate, understanding, and tolerant.  After seeing the positive changes in me, my husband now supports my volunteering at Bodhi Meditation.  He has even started practicing Energy Bagua and full prostrations.   Perhaps you want to ask me: Have you found a joyful life?  My answer is: Yes, now I’ve found it!  Why? Because not only am I healthier, happier, and have a more harmonious family life, I truly want to share Grandmaster JinBodhi’s amazing meditation methods with my friends, family, and all who may need it.  Seeing others benefit from Bodhi Meditation has become my life’s true joy!

-Yuan Ze

Ever since first grade in elementary school, I had spotted vision.  It always felt as if theres were many little spots flying around in my eye. In middle school, I had perpetually red and blood-shot eyes. My classmates and friends gave me the nickname “Little White Rabbit.” Three years ago, the spots in my eyes turned into three small clouds that obstructed my vision. It made driving difficult and highway driving particularly dangerous. Because I constantly felt that there was something blocking my vision directly in front of me, I was very worried.  So, I requested that Meditation Master JueWu do an energy blessing on me. After twenty minutes of blessing, I opened my eyes and the clouds had disappeared. Not only that. I’m near-sighted and need to wear glasses when I drive, but after the blessing, I talked out of the meditation center and realized that I could see the tree 100 meters from me and could even see clearly the cables on the telephone pole.  It was incredible! I was so excited, I started dancing. My vision has remained this good to this day. Others have asked me with surprise why my eyes are no longer red.  Not only that, the spots and clouds in my vision are gone too!