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“My wish is to help all beings, and I hope that my good intentions will be like a little spark that ignites the fire of compassion within your heart.”

── Meditation Grandmaster JinBodhi

Those who donate to a good cause are often the most fortunate. Those who help others are often the happiest. A single thought of compassion could bring boundless warmth and joy to others. The simplest of actions could help others finally emerge from pain and suffering. Let our compassion transform into charitable actions that spread loving-kindness to every corner of the world.

We are very thankful for your support to the Bodhi Meditation mission. We assure you that every thoughtful contribution will be used meaningfully and with discretion, in order to bring health and happiness to many more people. Through your spirit of giving, you’ve sown the seeds of happiness and generosity for your loved ones.

❤Your love and kindness will become a beacon of hope, sending warmth and comfort to those suffering from pain and stress.
❤Your giving will have the power to help those suffering from mental, physical, and emotional ailments to overcome obstacles.
❤Your generosity will also sow the seeds of your paying-it-forward spirit in your family and community.

Your contributions can be in the form of an online payment using a credit or debit card, a cash donation, or a check, cashier’s check, or money order made payable to NCBDS or “Northern California Bodhi Dharma Society”. You may also contact the staff at Bodhi Meditation Bailian (Milpitas) and San Francisco Center to arrange to donate.

Keep spreading the loving-kindness and pay it forward!



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Make Our Community Better

Dear Bodhi Meditation Supporters,

In the blink of an eye, the 2021 season of Thanksgiving is upon us again. Bodhi Meditation sincerely thanks you for your support and continued partnership!

Bodhi Meditation’s 13 years in the Bay Area would not have been possible without your continued love and support. Since its inception, Bodhi Meditation has adhered to the mission of Meditation Grandmaster JinBodhi “to help people achieve health and happiness”, and is committed to spreading love through compassion-based meditation classes that are easy to learn and high effective in daily practice.  Our programming includes free or low cost meditation courses, educational events, and community services for the general public. Bodhi Meditation has changed the health and life of many people by radically improving their physical, mental, and emotional quality of life. Thus, we aim to build a healthy and happy local and global community.

At a time when the pace of life in the Bay Area is accelerating, and in the midst of various natural and man-made disasters, Bodhi Meditation is determined to provide a compassionate, tolerant, and peaceful place for meditation in the Bay Area. Looking to the future, Bodhi Meditation in the Bay Area will establish a more efficient and systematic management and donor feedback system. We will be starting new programs to integrate Bodhi Meditation methods into the life and work of people in the Bay Area, so that more institutions and individuals will have the opportunity to learn and benefit from meditation.

You are our partners and supporters, who have cheered us on and walked with us hand in hand.

Looking to the future, we have the unwavering intention to create a local and global community that is compassionate, tolerant, giving, healthy, and happy.  We hope you walk hand in hand with us on this journey!


How to Donate?

Northern California Bodhi Dharma Society is a public charity with a mission statement of bring health and happiness to all people. Contributions to Northern California Bodhi Dharma Society, a tax exempt organization under 501(c)(3) of the International Revenue Code, are deductible to the extent that they exceed the value of the goods and services Northern California Bodhi Dharma Society provides in return. Unless noted in writing, no goods or services will be exchanged for donations.

3 Steps to Get your Company to Match your Donation and Volunteer Hours

You may double your donations if your company participates in the matching gift program.

Step 【1】: Find the 3rd party website that your company authorized and Search “Northern California Bodhi Dharma Society”;
Step 【2】: Nominate”Northern California Bodhi Dharma Society”;
Step 【3】: If approved, you can submit your donation receipt or volunteer hours, or directly donate through your 3rd party website.

4 Easy Ways to Contribute

【1】Donate through “Facebook” Go to “Facebook”
【2】Donate through our online donation link (supports Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal) Go to “NCBDS Online”
【3】Donate through Go to “Guidestar”
【4】Mail in or go to our centers in Bay Area

(check, cashier’s check, money order, credit card, debit card, and cash accepted). Please make your check, cashier’s check or money order payable to NCBDS or “Northern California Bodhi Dharma Society

For more questions please contact us at:
【Address】Bailian Center: 919 Hanson CT., Milpitas, CA 95035; San Francisco Center: 2575 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94132
【Phone】Bailian Center:408-843-1638; San Francisco Center: 510-676-6185
【Email】[email protected]


Join Us to Give on Tuesday Nov 30th

This Thanksgiving, Facebook will team up with major companies to hold an annual “Giving Tuesday” to encourage personal giving. Donation matching starts Tuesday Nov 30th, 2021 at 5:00 AM California (Pacific) Time

(Vancouver/SF/LA 5:00am, New York/Toronto 8:00am, Taiwan/Malaysia/Singapore/Hong Kong 9:00pm, Korea 10:00pm)

Here are the recommended ways to participate:
❤If you have a Facebook account, you can click on the link below to make an online donation.
Click to Donate
❤If you want to be our fundraiser and become a supporter of Bodhi Meditation “to bring health and happiness to more people”, please follow the steps in this document.
Steps to Fundraise
❤If you do not have a Facebook account but would like to help, please create a Facebook account today! Contact us if assistance is needed!

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Please join us to help more people!
For more questions please contact us at:
【Address】Bailian Center: 919 Hanson CT., Milpitas, CA 95035; San Francisco Center: 2575 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94132
【Phone】Bailian Center:408-843-1638; San Francisco Center: 510-676-6185
【Email】[email protected]


Giving Story

Finding Fulfillment Through Helping Others

I was once plagued by frequent headaches, but after the 6th day of an 8.5-Day Health and Happiness Retreat, I became headache-free. After the retreat, I started volunteering at Jakarta Bodhi Meditation Center and witnessed a lot of people regain their health and happiness. This inspired me to share Grandmaster JinBodhi’s practices because helping others gives meaning to my life.

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